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What are the precautions when buying gloves

Source:  Date: 2020-01-07  Reads: 436

 safety gloves:Protective products against physical, chemical and biological factors that harm workers' hands during labor.


1、Plane-type gloves:Gloves with fingers and palms on a flat surface.

2、Hand-type gloves:Natural-looking gloves. The thumb is not on the same plane as the other four fingers, and the palms and five fingers are bent slightly inward.

3、Working gloves:Defend against common injuries (stabs, cuts, foot rollers, hooks, friction, etc.) And dirty gloves.

4、Vibration isolation gloves:Protective gloves with vibration damping properties.

5、Insect resistance gloves:Gloves to protect hands from insect bites.

6、Radio activity protective gloves:be provided with Anti-radioactive gloves

7、Antistatic gloves:Have gloves to prevent damage caused by static electricity accumulation.

8、Electric insulation gloves:Gloves that insulate human heads from charged objects.

9、Acid alkali resistant gloves:Protective gloves with Acid and alkali resistant

10、Chemical protective gloves:Protective gloves with Anti-poison

11、Welder’s gloves:Gloves to protect against welding sparks, molten metal, hot metal, and high temperature radiation.




What are the precautions when purchasing protective gloves:

1. Buy the right size protective gloves. The size of the gloves must be appropriate. Too tight gloves will restrict blood circulation, easily cause fatigue, and are uncomfortable; too loose, inflexible to use, and easy to fall off.

2. There are many types of protective gloves, which should be selected according to the purpose and protective performance. The protection object must be identified first, and then carefully selected to avoid accidents due to misuse.

3. Insulated protective gloves must be carefully checked for appearance before each use, and blow gas into the gloves by blowing air, and pinch the gloves at the sleeve of the gloves to prevent air leakage, and observe whether the gloves will leak by themselves. If there is no air leak in the inspection gloves, they can be used as sanitary gloves. The insulation gloves can still be used if they are slightly damaged, but a pair of gauze or leather gloves should be covered outside the insulation gloves to ensure safety.

4. Natural rubber gloves should not be in contact with acids, alkalis and oils for a long time during use, and should not be punctured by sharp objects. After use, wash and dry. Spread talcum powder inside and outside of the gloves, and keep it in a safe place. It must not be stressed or heated during storage.

5. The color of all rubber, latex and synthetic rubber gloves must be uniform. Except for the palm part which is thicker, the other parts of the glove should be similar in thickness and the surface should be smooth. Except those) o No more than 1.5mm air bubbles are allowed on the palm face, slight wrinkles are allowed but no cracks are allowed.

6. Except for the selection of insulation gloves in accordance with regulations, the voltage strength should be re-examined after one year of use. Those who do not meet the requirements should not be used as insulation gloves.

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